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Our Story 

The Alli and Aiden Foundation was created to ensure teen moms have the resources to significantly improve their outcomes by providing educational opportunities and encouragement so that they may reach their fullest potential. Alli became a mom to Aiden at the age of 17. Although she recognized the barriers that were presented to her as a young mom, she pushed through and was able to graduate high school and attend college. Her goal was to become a social worker and use her experiences to help others who struggled with the same issues she faced as a young mom. Aiden was the sweetest little boy who loved dump trucks, dinosaurs, and robots. He had the most infectious laugh and made the world a better place. 

Alli and Aiden tragically passed away in June, 2021 at the ages of 20 and 3. We intend to use their story to inspire and change the lives of teen moms who are walking along the same path. Alli and Aiden are missed in an unbelievable way, and while their journey here ended far too soon, their legacy will live on through others who will be served with love through this foundation. 

Aiden had many nicknames that eventually morphed into his family just calling him "B". He loved to point out the sweet honey bees that shared his name. Alli and Aiden brought so much joy and light to so many and we hope that the work done in their memory will bring light into the lives of many others. 

e the Light"?

Bee The Light

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